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What are the features of IHP White Phenyl (Floor Cleaner)?

IHP White Phenyl Concentrate is the most regularly used disinfectant and cleansing product for floors & serving tables in houses and offices. It is widely recognized as an excellent and potent while sanitizing liquid. It is also available in different fragrances. This concentrate offers long-lasting freshness and also assists in keeping away mosquitoes and flies.

The IHP white phenyl has a longer shelf life. It is completely safe and effective for usage.

  • It helps in destroying pathogenic organisms.
  • It also possesses deodorant qualities.
  • It is effective in preventing various kinds of microorganisms.
  • It is mostly used for sanitation purposes in drains, floor, stables, and more.
  • It is prepared from coal tar distillates consisting of high boiling tar acids.
  • It acts as a sanitizer deodorant and air purifier.
  • It can kill almost every type of germs.
  • It is being known as a multi-action cleaner with aromatic fragrance.

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