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BTC Traders are the top-notch IHP Toilet Cleaner wholesalers in Delhi NCR. With the support of our toilet cleaner manufacturer IHP, you can buy IHP toiler cleaner in bulk at wholesale prices from us. Being the most qualified IHP toilet cleaner supplier in Delhi Ncr, we deliver best quality products. Our Toilet Cleaner manufacturer IHP follows the industry standards and hence we being the exclusive IHP toilet cleaner distributor in Delhi Ncr provide customers with the best.

What is The Role of IHP Toiler Cleaner in Day-to-Day Life?

IHP Toilet cleaners are household cleaning items produced for cleaning toilet bowls. Toilet cleaners are generally liquid solvents that contain solid cleaning agents to remove the toughest stains from the toilet bowl.

These cleansers are intended to be applied to the outside surfaces of a toilet bowl and should remain for around 10 minutes to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Present times, toilet bowl cleaners are formulated to remove lime scale and rust, offer scent and unrivaled cleaning, or just to sterilize the bowl. These cleaners remove stains, which occur due to the hard water and corrosion deposits and assist in keeping a clean and pleasant smelling toilet. A few cleaners additionally sterilize.

IHP Toilet cleaner has more active ingredients than most of the other brands available in the market. The unique formula containing not only water, additives, ammonia, and chlorine bleach, but special active fixing formulation which has the power to remove even the stubborn stains of the magnesium and calcium salts present in hard water.

Toilet bowl cleaners assume a basic role in our lives and improve hygiene and cleanliness by killing harmful germs and bacteria. The disinfecting formula of toilet bowl cleaners removes dirt and grime while killing bacteria and different germs. The powerful cleaning activity of these cleaners removes stains while deodorizing the toilet with a clean and fresh aroma.

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