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What are the Benefits of IHP Flushmatic?

IHP Flushmatic Toilet Cleaning In-Cistern Block is a drop-in tank tablet that can be used for any open cistern. It works by creating solid foam each time you flush the toilet, which assists in maintaining the cleanliness and disinfection in the toilet bowl. Flushmatic toilet cleaner works from inside the cistern to discharge a dose of incredible detergent with each flush. Distributing the fluid over the bowl, it helps you to maintain a hygienic and deodorized toilet and removes stains giving you a continuously spotless toilet.

You need not remove the pleated cloth wrapper on the block as this will break down in the water till it finishes, simply drops the block straight forward into the cistern. For best outcome, drop it at the opposite end to the water inlet by the float. Surely that 10 minutes will allow the block to blend before the first flush.

Flushmatic Toilet Cistern Block is a toilet cleanliness product for continuous cleaning with no mess. It is touch-free, hygienic and dissolves up totally when finished. A single block lasts up to a month, depending upon individual usage. Likewise, it tells you when it needs to be replaced as the shade of the flushed water begins to fade. Use with fluid to maintain the cleanliness of the toilet for longer.

  • Easy to use, toilet cistern block that maintains cleanliness of toilet with each flush
  • Clear green water with each flush
  • In-Cistern toilet cleaner that gives continuous cleaning
  • Lasts up to about a month (depending on usage)

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